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ISO Tank Logistics

ISO Tank Logistic

Petikemas Transport provides services to all regions of Thailand and Malaysia. In addition, we can provide cross border trucking from Singapore, Southern China, Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos. We specialize in the transportation of ISO Tank Container.

ISO Tank Logistic

Our Sadao ISO Tank Container Depot, we offer Maintenance & Repair, storage and cleaning of Tanks.

ISO Tank Logistic

Petikemas Transport Team members successfully competed ITCO ISO Tank Container Training Course gaining knowledge in the following areas:

Petikemas ITCO Certificate

• Introduction to Tank Containers
– Introduction to Tank Containers
– Tank Parts and Service Equipment

• Regulations
– Introduction to the IMDG Code
– Portable Tank Instructions and Provisions
– Portable Tank Design, Construction and Use
– Degree of Filling
– Marking and Placarding

• Tank Operators’ Transport Plan
– Regional Regulations
– Equipment Considerations
– Operational Considerations

• Maintenance and Repair
– Depot Processes
– Tank Cleaning
– Estimated Repairs
– Inspection and Test

Extract from Table IMDG – Portable tank instructions

Portable tank instruction Minimum shell thickness (reference steel) Minimun test pressure (bar) Bottom opening requirement
T1 See 1.5 2 closures
T2 See 1.5 3 closures
T3 See 2.65 2 closures
T4 See 2.65 3 closures
T5 See 2.65 Prohibited
T6 See 4 2 closures
T7 See 4 3 closures
T8 See 4 Prohibited
T9 6mm 4 Prohibited
T10 6mm 4 Prohibited
T11 See 6 3 closures
T12 See 6 3 closures
T13 6mm 6 Prohibited
T14 6mm 6 Prohibited
T15 See 10 3 closures
T16 See 10 3 closures
T17 6mm 10 3 closures
T18 6mm 10 3 closures
T19 6mm 10 Prohibited
T20 8mm 10 Prohibited
T21 10mm 10 Prohibited
T22 10mm 10 Prohibited

ISO Tank

Contact Petikemas Team for a competitive rate.

ISO Tank Logistics
ISO Tank Logistics
ISO Tank Logistics
ISO Tank Logistics
Thaireefer Logistic
Thaireefer Logistic
Thaireefer Logistic
Thaireefer Logistic
Thaireefer Logistic

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