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Cross Boder Logistics between Malaysia and Thailand

Container Movement in the AEC (ASEAN Economic Community)

Petikemas together with ThaiReefer offer optimized cross border supply chain solutions between Thailand and Malaysia. Awarded ISO9001:2008, our team of enthusiastic professionals understand the requirements of customers whatever the challenge maybe. Customers can choose to pick up the containers either at Multi Modal rail terminal at Padang Besar or our container terminal at Songkhla (SRS) located in front of Songkhla port. Our services also include door to door delivery from our distribution centre in Shah Alam. We can assure that our service is faster, more cost effective, more reliable than by other modal. With our warehouse in Bukit Kayu Hitum, customers have option to use our services to any destination in Malaysia. We make sure that the cargo can be delivered in time with our dual mode of transport either rail or trucks. Our services in Thailand is extended by our owned and operated trucks from Padang Besar to other locations such as Songkhla, Bangkok and Laem Chabang. The cargo may transit Thailand to neighbouring countries such as Cambodia, Laos and even Southern Inland China. We also have our own dry/reefer containers and ISO Tanks for customer should there be a requirement. Our staff are well trained for special cargo such as ISO tanks and refrigerated containers logistics. We have in-house Maintenance & Repair teams to ensure our equipment are always in the best condition. Contact us now for special rates

Why customers choose container
+ Competitive price, fast, reliable and flexible door-to-door service.
+ Excellent working relationship with major ports - Penang Port, Port Klang, Songkhla Port, Bangkok Port, Laem Chabang Port.
+ Owned Trucking Fleet, Depots and Warehouses at strategic locations Songkhla, Laem Chabang, Sadao, Bukit Kayu Hitum, Padang Besar.
+ Transit to Cambodia, Laos and Southern Inland China.
+ Ability to handle Refrigerated Containers and ISO Tanks.
+ Reefer and Truck mechanics on 24/7 standby.

Thai side contact :
Ms. Yaowana : +66 81 094 2288

Malay side contact :
Mr. Andre : +60 19 917 0510

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