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DAIKIN Reefer Alarm List – LXE10E-A

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Here are the common alarms for Daikin reefer machinery from ThaiReefer’s experience. Contact us for reefer container spare parts or service. Movie Rings (2017)

DAIKIN Reefer Common Alam List

F603 The suction modulating valve does not fully close
F701 Abnormal power voltage
E101 High-pressure switch (HPS) activeated during operation
E107 Discharge gas temperature sensor ( DCHS ) becomes abnormally high during operation
E109 Low pressure continues to lower abnormally for 2 seconds or longer
E406 Suntion gas sensor ( SGS ) malfunction
E407 Evaporator inlet sensor ( EIS ) malfunction
E409 Evaporator outlet sensor ( EOS ) malfunction
E411 Ambient sensor ( AMBS ) malfunction
E413 Low pressure transducer ( LPT ) malfunction
E415 High pressure transducer ( HPT ) malfunction


You can download the full list of Daikin reefer machinery alarm list here.

full list of Daikin reefer machinery alarm list