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500bar Industrial high pressure water cleaners

JetMaster Top Class Performance

JetMaster is a robust cold water pressure washer designed for heavy industrial use in demanding environments with single or three phase electrical power. JetMaster is Italian made for long operating life and little maintenance. JetMaster is truly a reliable cleaning machine capable in all cleaning environments. All JetMaster machines are backed by ThaiReefer’s reliable service and part center.

Recommend for semi or professional use on large cleaning surface and frequent use on deep cleaning of persistent dirt.

+ Transportation company
+ Car wash company
+ Cleaning contractor
+ Marine/Shipping company
+ Manufacturing factory
+ Construction site
+ Hotel/Restaurant

JetMaster Industrial High Pressure water cleaners 500 bar

Steel Trolley JM 22.500CB
Output Flowrate (L/min) 22
Max Output Pressure (Bar) 500
Out Power (kW/Hp) 22/30
Weight (approx Kg) 250
Phase 3
RPM 1,450

JetMaster JM22.500CB